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5 Reasons to Buy a Damascus Knife Set

An avid weapon enthusiast or a chef of any grade will be aware of the advantages of adopting a set of Damascus knives. It is one of the best categories in the genre of handmade knives that befits both professional chefs and home cooks. This set of knives comprise of a steel frame (similar to those on choppychoppy), which is also associated with a long history. In this article, we’ll cover the five reasons to buy Damascus Knife Sets, but first, let’s understand,
What is a Damascus Knife Set?

The name is derived from the ancient city “Damascus”, which was earlier, located in modern Syria. This city introduced the use of steel for modernized weaponry, and the legacy was incorporated for centuries. The weaponry mainly comprised of forged steel with blades that were ingots of wootz steel, primarily imported from India and Sri Lanka.
Reasons to buy a Damascus Knife Set.

Durability: Like those mentioned above, the materials used to compose the knife were used for weaponry as well. Hence we can conclude that it can withstand even a battle, where cutting a steak is like a walk in the park. The material is also suitable for resisting stains, moisture (which prevents the surface from rust), and is durable enough to withstand harsh conditions even in the busiest kitchens of the world.
Strength: The materials comprised of an amalgam of a few different types of metals that are carefully tailored using the perfect knifemaking techniques. All these factors help in conditioning and strengthening the knife to provide the best strength and excellent resistance to shattering. This is the primary reason for hunters and anglers to carry a set of these knives during their work.

Sharpness: Almost all knives available in the market are sharp at the beginning, before rough use. But, the specialty of the Damascus Knife Sets lies in withstanding the sharpness despite being subjected to heavy-duty usage. In addition to the extreme edge, they also comprise extraordinary patterns on their blade

Aesthetically curated blade surface: These sets of knives are not only durable and efficient in a home kitchen or the one at the busiest restaurant, but they’re also the best in design. They comprise of distinctive designs on their blades that are reminiscent of flowing water, which also creates a light effect on the surface.
Multi-purpose: These sets of knives use foreign techniques that induce a ton of usage in different types of fields and kitchens. Be it an outdoor camping, fishing, hunting, or even a luxurious restaurant, the knife set fits perfectly in all situations and ticks all boxes. They’re a set of multi-purpose knives that eliminates your fear of damage or breaking when in use.