Homemade and Fresh from the Oven

Warm Muffin 2.29

Cinnamon Bun 3.79

Continental Breakfast 5.99 Coffee or tea, fresh orange juice, muffin and honey butter

Continental Breakfast with a Cinnamon Bun 6.99

Little Special 3.79
2 eggs, potatoes and toast

Kelly’s Special 7.79
2 eggs, 2 bacon strips, 1 sausage link, potatoes or grits, small fresh orange juice,
toast or pancakes

Big Breakfast 9.79
3 eggs, ham, 2 bacon strips, 1 sausage link, potatoes or grits, small fresh orange juice,
toast or pancakes


Seafood 10.99
shrimp, scallops, home made ricotta, diced fresh seasoned tomatoes
finished with the ‘hollandaise of the day’

Santa Fe 8.99
all egg white omelet with grilled chicken, avocado, roasted corn,
pepperjack cheese and fresh salsa

Philly Cheese Steak 8.99
with sauteed onions, green peppers and provolone

Vegetarian 8.49
All egg white omelet with assorted sautéed vegetables

Bacon and 3-Cheese 8.49
Swiss, provolone, cheddar and bacon

Spinach and Swiss 8.49
Fresh spinach with Swiss

Western 8.49
Classic combination of green peppers, onions, diced ham and cheddar

Morning Favorites

Fruit Smoothie 2.99 Pureed strawberries, bananas and fruit juices

Fruit Cup 4.99 Assorted fresh seasonal fruits

Fruit, Muffin and Yogurt 7.99

Kelly’s Oatmeal 3.99 With cinnamon, brown sugar and granola

Fruit and Nut French Toast 8.29 With fresh strawberries, powdered sugar and pecans

French Toast Halves (4) 5.29 Topped with powdered sugar

Short Stack Flap Jacks 5.99 Homemade and absolutely wonderful

Oat Bran Banana Flap-Jacks 7.99 Topped with pecans

Blueberry Flap Jacks 7.99 With homemade blueberry syrup

Strawberry Flap Jacks 7.99 Topped with fresh strawberry slices and granola

Elvis Style Flap Jacks 7.99 topped with sliced bananas and peanut butter sauce

Chocolate Pecan Flapjacks 7.99 topped with chocolate chips and pecans

Egg Combinations

Bacon and Eggs 6.99

Sausage and Eggs 6.99

Ham and Eggs 6.99

Roast Beef Hash and Eggs 7.99

Biscuits and Gravy 7.99

Breakfast Sandwiches & Flatbreads

Smoked Salmon & Bagel 10.99 with all the fixin’s!

Sausage, Scrambled Egg and Cheddar Flatbread 6.99 with fresh arugula and tomatoes

Bacon, Scrambled Egg, Spinach and Swiss Croissant 5.99

Sausage, Scrambled Egg and 3 Cheese Croissant 5.99

Jam, Parmesan, Red Onion and Tomato Marmalade Croissant 5.99

all croissant sandwiches served with choice of Kelly’s breakfast potatoes or grits

Childs Menu

Children ages 0-6 pay what they weigh Children ages 7-12 are 2.99

2 French Toast Halves with choice of sausage link or bacon

1 Egg. 1 Strip Bacon or Sausage Link and Toast

3 Silver Dollar Pancakes with choice of bacon or sausage link

Breakfast Side Orders

Kelly’s Oatmeal 1.99

Cajun Potatoes 1.99

Roast Beef Hash 4.99

Ham 2.99

Sausage Links 2.99

Bacon 2.99

Potatoes .99

Flap Jacks (2) 3.99

Blueberry Flap Jacks (2) 5.99

Oat Bran Flap Jacks (2) 5.99

Strawberry Flap Jacks (2) 5.99

Elvis Style Flap Jacks (2) 5.99

Chocolate Pecan Flap Jacks (2) 5.99

Grits .99

Cheddar Grits 1.99

Cinnamon Toast 1.59

1 Egg 1.49

Toast .99

English Muffin .99

Bagel 2.99 wiith cream cheese and strawberry jam